The Chicago House: Killer New Craft Beer Bar Hits Downtown Austin

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With great thanks to owner, visionary and uber-successful local Austin entrepreneur, Doug Guller, I attended the Grand Opening of an excellent new watering hole in the heart of downtown Austin this past Thursday night – The Chicago House – located in a priceless and beautiful historic two-story building at 607 Trinity Street.

With an overall focus on unique and atypical craft beers, The Chicago House is decked out on both floors with well thought out fixtures and decor, not to mention a stellar selection of brews on tap, both upstairs and down, and a fun menu chock full of burgers, dogs, “minis” and more. Considering his amazing track record over the years in creating Austin’s best and coolest bars through the parent company he runs, ATX Brands, The Chicago House has all the makings of yet another gem in Guller’s arsenal of excellent eating and drinking establishments around our great city.

To give you a better idea of what The Chicago House is all about, I gladly share excerpts from a recent press release offered my way, along with a slew of photos of the brilliant new locale, below. As soon as you get the chance, swing by, check’er out and have a cold brew in one of Austin’s best new watering holes. Hope to see you there!

Cheers, y’all!

The Chicago House
607 Trinity Street
Austin, TX 78701

Our focus at the Chicago house will be to showcase some of the finest craft beers that not only Austin, but America has to offer. We will have twenty draft taps, as well as two cask ales, none of which will be imports. You may have a foreign style of beer, but it will be made by an American craft brewery. The price for every single beer will be five dollars and will be served in three different sizes depending on keg price or ABV.

The food menu will be small, including prime rib burgers, mini’s, and Vienna dogs. With the focus being on craft beer we definitely wanted to have great food that you can enjoy while sipping on great brews. The spicy Vienna dog with spicy pepper relish and sautéed peppers and onions will pair well with a hoppy IPA, or you can wash down a bacon cheeseburger with your favorite pilsner.

Cask ale is something that hasn’t quite caught on in Austin as it has on Houston of the Dallas Fort worth area. We’re looking to change that by doing it right. With a separate cooler set to 50-55 degrees we will be pouring it the old way, the right way. We’re also hoping to get some of the rarest cask beer that you can find in the city by sending our own personal empty “firkins” to breweries. Generally when a bar does that, the brewery fills it with whatever they want. It could be a normal line-up beer, or something crazy and experimental.

So if you’re in the downtown area looking for some good food and delicious hand crafted beer, come in to The Chicago House!

The Chicago House Logo

The Chicago House - Exterior

The Chicago House - Main Floor Bar

The Chicago House - Interior

The Chicago House - Wide Interior

The Chicago House From The Back

The Chicago House - Upstairs - 2

The Chicago House - Upstairs 3

The Chicago House - Upstairs

The Chicago House Menu


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