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Inquiring minds might want to know exactly “Who is Randall Metting?,” “What’s he all about?,” and “Why is he the so-called Unofficial Mayor of Austin?”

Well, my friends, where exactly do I start? The incredible journey on this trip we call life has (and continues to) amaze on a daily basis and is only gettin’ better.

Officially a Texan by birth in October 1973, born in Houston, followed by a short stop in Dallas, life led the family to Atlanta, Georgia in 1979, where I spent nearly 25 years “cutting my teeth” and learning what it means to be a “true Southerner.” After graduating from the University of Florida in 1996 and a move “back home” to Atlanta, I couldn’t resist the temptation of the rolling surf and beach life of St. Petersburg, Florida and landed back in the Sunshine State in 2003. After nearly five years on the water with sand between the toes, karma set in and delivered me back to The Lone Star State…to “my own personal promiseland,” in January of 2008…that, of course, being the amazing and incomparable city of AUSTIN, TEXAS.

It is here in Austin that I have found my true passions, a happiness that is unbound, a life that seems to have infinite satisfaction and a town (and its people) that is, honestly, too good to be true. Ever since my arrival to Austin in early ’08, along with my trusty and beloved Golden Retriever, Sir Shiner Dog, I have taken it upon myself to delve into all aspects of this great place…from the blossoming culinary scene, stellar live music community, unique watering holes, many dog-friendly establishments and parks, diverse events, plentiful festivals, exciting Texas Longhorns sports and so much more in between. Comically, it’s from these experiences that I have been tabbed the “Unofficial Mayor of Austin” from my closest and wittiest.

Along with my full-time job as Texas Brand Ambassador for both Woody Creek Distillers out of Aspen, Colorado and Llanllyr SOURCE Premium Waters & Mixers out of Wales, I have heeded the advice and recommendations of my wonderful friends and growing network of incredible cohorts and have finally created a place to share my appreciation for this area of the world, my many experiences and latest discoveries for all to enjoy. It is my sincere hope that in reading and following my blog, you, yourself, will fall in love with Austin and Central Texas – and, for those of you living elsewhere, that you’ll be motivated to get out here and visit!

This truly is a wonderful life. Happy reading!



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