The ‘Dog’ Days of Summer

While he’s still hoping to install a diving board, rope swing and “lazy river,” during these hot Texas summers, you can find Shiner working as “Lifeguard On Duty” at his local pool.

College Baseball’s Fan of the Year

When June comes around every year and the College World Series begins, there’s no more dedicated a fan than “The Natural,” himself…Coach Shiner.

We Are Young

The title of the song made famous earlier this year by a fave band of mine, fun., it’s hard to believe the once tiny Shiner Dog is turning four on July 22nd. And if you were curious, yes, he is still quite young…in heart and mind!

Celebrating His Independence

On the topic of July 4th and celebrating our independence, no one is more proud of their freedom and ability to live without boundaries than Shiner Dog. In fact, this year, he’s taking his celebrations to a whole new level.  

The Hipster

In a town full of hipsters, there’s none cooler than Shiner Dog.