Nature’s Treasures

Having been lucky enough to live in the amazing city of Austin, Texas since early 2008, I’ll readily admit to having gotten around our town as much as humanly possible during the last five years. However, few things are as satisfying to me as discovering new areas, places and experiences. With my beloved 3 ½ year old Golden Retriever, Shiner, along side, I recently stumbled upon the natural beauty of two local gems, Bull Creek District Park and Turkey Creek at Emma Long, both of which lie a relative stone’s throw from my condo off 360. If you have the hankerin’ to get outdoors and experience the wonders of nature in our own “backyard,” especially with your four-legged friends, these are well worth checkin’ out!

Bull Creek District Park
6701 Lakewood Drive
Austin, TX 78731

Turkey Creek at Emma Long
1600 City Park Road
Austin, TX 78730

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