Bridge Over Excellent Water

When it comes to my favorite locations in Austin to spend time, relax, soak up some sun and take in the awesomeness of the great outdoors, I head to the Pennybacker Bridge, or what’s more commonly in these parts as the “360 Bridge,” due to its connection of the north and southbound portions of Loop 360, aka “The Capital of Texas Highway,” and it’s surrounding open spaces.

It is here that I find peace, solitude and plenty of room to roam and run with the Shiner Dog, all along the beautiful waters of Lake Austin.

A very popular spot on the weekends, due to the public boat launch into Lake Austin, the entire area around the 360 Bridge is a frequent haven for Austinites of all kinds, whether enjoying water sports in the lake, throwing frisbees and runnin’ the pooches in the adjacent fields, climbing the limestone cliffs on the north side of the bridge for panoramic views of the area or just chillin’ out with an ice chest, radio and lawn chair watchin’ the world go by.

Located in the midst of one of the more scenic drives of Central Texas in Northwest Austin, the 360, or Pennybacker, Bridge was officially dedicated on November 29, 1982 by then Austin mayor Carole McClellan and other public officials and finally opened for traffic December 3, 1982. As for official name, the bridge is dedicated to Percy Pennybacker, who designed bridges for the Texas Highway Department and was a pioneer in the technology of welded structures.

So, if you find yourself looking for an excellent location to witness spectacular views, beautiful waters and many aspects of what makes this town of Austin so great, I highly recommend a visit out to the Northwest Hills and the 360 Bridge. Mr. Pennybacker will thank you!

For more information on the Pennybacker Bridge, click HERE.

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