Genius On Tap: Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden

More and more of late, I get asked for recommendations here in Austin for the latest and greatest bars and restaurants that are either “off the beaten path” or “yet to be discovered.” Well, add another to the list, gang.

Last night, I attended the Grand Opening of yet another excellent locale within downtown’s extremely popular unique nightlife district of Rainey Street – Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden.

From the all-around brilliance of this gem located at 79 Rainey, you better check this one out, sooner than later, ’cause the crowds are sure to flock to Banger’s in droves right soon. Where do I even start to describe how perfect this place is?

First of all, 103 beers on tap. Yes, 103. The largest tap system in Austin, with the intent of gaining notoriety as the “best beer bar in the country.” They’ve got a solid case, y’all. The “wall of beer taps” is, not only, overwhelming, but simply awesome in variety and offerings.

Onto the links. No, not the golf course. I’m talking sausage. And plenty of it. 30 different varieties, to be exact. In fact, Banger’s offers the largest selection in the entire state of Texas. Really. From Fried Chicken Sausage to BBQ Shrimp Sausage served with Cheddar Grits, your taste buds will be sent into overload with this menu of options. Strong.

Got a pooch? Banger’s is beyond genius in this regard. Not only does the venue have a massive outdoor patio and beer garden with ample amounts of seating and plans for live music, but also, a built-in off-leash dog park. Yes, while John and Jane sip brews and nosh on links, Fido can run and play in a cleverly contained, fenced-off area within Banger’s beer garden. Aim is to be the most dog-friendly bar in ATX. Why hasn’t anyone else thought of this? Once again, genius.

So, before the secret gets too far out, the cover is blown and every dog and his or her master head toward Banger’s, I suggest you get a move on and check out this stellar addition to Austin’s booming Rainey Street. Cheers, y’all!

Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden
79 Rainey Street
Austin, TX 78701


  1. Wow, would love to go there! Hopefully dog-friendly eating establishments are becoming a trend 🙂

  2. What more to want..103 diff. Beers, BBQ Shrimp Sausage, Cheese Grits and live music to waltz my Pooch to..This is the place to hop to. Will be there tomorrow. Thanks.

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