Simply Divine: Opal’s Heads For The Hills

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Hello campers! Been an insanely busy week and the time to dedicate to keeping up my consistent updates in and around our great city of Austin has been difficult. No excuses, though. I’m back and chock full of new adventures and local discoveries!

Despite the madcap pace of the past few days, I was fortunate to attend the Tuesday evening “Friends and Family” Grand Opening of the newest location of Opal Divine’s out here in Northwest Hills at Davenport Village off 360, just a stone’s throw from the Austin Country Club, Pennybacker Bridge and Lake Austin.

Much like the other three Opal Divine’s locations throughout Austin – at Penn Field off South Congress, along West Sixth Street and out off North Mopac, the Davenport Village location maintains the Opal’s trend with a “flair for the cool,” featuring hip, modern fixtures, artwork of legendary Texas musicians throughout and a spacious outdoor patio (that from what I hear is going to be even further expanded soon, as well).

Housed in the former Salt Lick BBQ location that didn’t survive too long in Davenport Village, the new Opal’s has created a unique space with it’s outdoor seating, many flat screen tv’s for sporting events, a fully stocked bar, including the signature Opal Bloody Mary’s, and a creative menu that won’t disappoint.

Officially open to the public on August 9th, the Davenport Opal’s maintains a full weekly calendar of daily drink specials, groovy themed promotional nights, an uber-convenient “express lunch” deal and weekend brunch that is not to be missed!

So, for those of you Westlakers seeking the latest and greatest, for the finest in the Northwest Hills craving a new scene and to the Austinites, in town, just lookin’ to get out near Lake Austin for a cool drinkin’ and dining experience, Opal Divine’s in Davenport Village should be your next stop.

Cheers, y’all, and have an excellent weekend!

Opal Divine’s – Davenport Village
3801 N. Capital of Texas Highway
Austin, TX 78746
Phone: (512) 369-3709


  1. Carolyn Canizaro-Orlowsky, D.V.M. says:

    Opal’s other locations are dog friendly on the patio. Do you know if this location is? Thanks!

    • Carolyn, unfortunately, I do not know if Opal’s at Davenport Village is dog friendly, but, if I had to guess, I would say yes, it is. The patio seems to lend itself to accommodating our four-legged friends.

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