Sunshine & Suds: Austin’s Excellent Collection Of Outdoor Bars

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So, some may find it funny (and perhaps ironic) that first thing this morning I sat down at the computer already thinking about happy hour. Not just happy hour at any ol’ dive (and Lord knows I love a good dive), but at one of Austin’s amazing amount of excellent outdoor bars.

Truth be told, once I started jotting down a list of where I’d head, I began to realize how fortunate we are here in the Capital City to be gifted with such an overage of awesome patio watering holes. Granted this time of year is hot here in Austin, but, quite honestly, even more of a reason to cool down with a frosty beverage in a stellar setting. Let the sunshine down, prop the feet up, grab a brew and clear the mind. Nothin’ better!

That said, I’ve put together a collection of my favorite outdoor bars around Austin. Keep in mind, by no means is this the only selection of great outdoor locales I’d recommend, just those that are top of mind and currently among my favorite. Give’em a go and enjoy. Cheers, my friends!

1) Hula Hut

2) Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden

3) Ski Shores

4) Red’s Porch

5) Rattle Inn

6) Icenhauer’s

7) Hotel San Jose

8) Easy Tiger Bake Shop & Biergarten

9) Doc’s Motorworks

10) Bar 96

11) Shady Grove

12) Rio Rita

13) Lustre Pearl

14) Hangar Lounge

15) The Draught House Pub & Brewery

16) Pelons & 508 Bar

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