High Above Austin: The University of Texas Tower Tour

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Did you know that for a mere $6, you can take a 45-minute tour to the top of one of the most loved and recognizable structures in all of Austin – the Main Building (or more commonly known as “The Tower”) at the University of Texas? Yet another extremely cool and unique experience to be had here in the Capital City.

Having taken the tour once before, when I moved back to Texas in 2008, I felt it time to give it another go a few weeks back, considering the many ongoing changes to our great city’s skyline.

After a brief introduction by the University of Texas Tower staff, our group ascended 27 floors to the “ceiling of Austin,” a whopping 313 feet above the world below, even just a few feet taller than the majestic Texas State Capitol. Needless to say, the panoramic views from every angle, high atop ATX, are simply stunning.

Designed by French-American architect and industrial designer, Paul Philippe Cret, construction began in the heart of the UT campus in 1934, with completion in 1937. Originally the hub of the University’s library system, the Tower is now filled with many UT administrative and various department offices, while also home to a 56-bell carillon, the largest in the Lone Star State.

As someone who has been fixated by this beautiful structure since I first visited Austin as a child, I cannot recommend the Tower Tour enough. Whether you’ve lived here your entire life, a new resident or just visiting from points elsewhere, the experience is well worth your time and you won’t be disappointed by those amazing panoramic views.

For more information on the University of Texas Tower Tours, click here.

Hook’em, y’all!

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