National Dog Day 2012: Shiner Redefining Leisure

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You may not have realized it, but this past Sunday was National Dog Day, a special day to celebrate dogs and encourage adoption across this great land, that has helped to save the lives of over 1 Million dogs since 2004.

Since I am so very fortunate to have an amazing pooch in the one and only, Shiner Dog, we took the opportunity to spend National Dog Day doing what Shinerman loves doing best…frolicking in the waters of Bull Creek in the natural preserve behind our condo in Northwest Austin, preparing himself for the upcoming college football season and putting on a clinic of leisure and relaxation.

Always “the ham” in front of the camera, the model, that he is, has asked me to share his footage during National Dog Day for your viewing pleasure, laughter and enjoyment.

Here’s to man’s best friend, all the great dogs in the world and to those excellent individuals kind enough to continually adopt!

Enjoy, gang…Shiner loves ya!


  1. Lucky you to have such an adorable, fun Pooch- And Lucky-Shiner Dog to have you to enjoy so much “doggie fun” – And he will probably celebrate/invent a National Pet Owners Day..woof!

  2. Such a “poser” Enjoy football season “Shinerman”

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