College Football Tailgating: Kicking Off The Longhorns’ 2012 Season

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Quite honestly, nothing says Labor Day Weekend to me like the debut of college football and the opportunity to tailgate down at the University of Texas here in Austin to celebrate the launch of another championship campaign for the Horns.

Excited to be involved as a member of the Longhorn Libation Nation tailgate crew for the first time this year, we kicked’er off in huge style this past Saturday down at our “tract of awesomeness” in the parking lot at 17th Street and Congress.

With great thanks to tailgate sponsors, Corona Extra, Dulce Vida Organic Tequila and Deep Eddy Vodka, the 2pm tailgate for a 7pm Texas/Wyoming kickoff was, in a word, epic. Bigger and better setup than years prior, great group of folk in attendance, plus a gluttonous amount of food, cocktails and hilarity all led to yet another day very well spent here in the Capital City.

Without overstating the obvious, I will let the pictures do the talkin’ for an excellent start to another great college football season here in Austin. If you’re plannin’ on hittin’ up the UT tailgate scene for any homes games this Fall and in need of a stellar experience in preparation for Longhorn kickoff, hit me up!

Cheers, y’all, and HOOK’EM HORNS!


  1. Wasn’t that a great first win over Wyoming to kick-off the season? We’ll definitely have to stop by and say “hi” to you guys soon. We were actually tailgating close to MLK & Brazos and are planning to be out there for the game this weekend.


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