A Neighborhood Reborn

Credit Houston native and uber-entrepreneur, Bridget Dunlap, for the vision and redevelopment of one of my favorite areas of Austin for leisure, grub and adult bevies – the Rainey Street District.

Bridget’s foresight towards turning dilapidated aged homes on an otherwise sleepy Austin street, near Town, now Lady Bird Lake, has reinvigorated an entire neighborhood and created an extremely unique new nightlife scene downtown.

Just a few years back, Bridget started “building her empire” with the opening of Lustre Pearl, a super fun locale, where one can hula hoop, play ping pong and load the brilliant juke, all while in and around a priceless property that could probably tell many a story from days past.

Add Bar 96, Clive Bar and the soon-to-be-opened Container Bar (planned for August 2012) to the mix and Dunlap has amassed quite the stable of excellent watering holes in the area.

Also to be noted in the Rainey Street District are other faves of mine and great stops – Icenhauer’s, Blackheart and Javelina. For eats, you should certainly give G’Raj Mahal, El Naranjo and Cazamance, the food trailer in the back of Bar 96, a try. You won’t be disappointed!

On the horizon on Rainey, as well, are Bunglow, Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden, Bar Nova, a unique craft beer bar (name unavailable) and more.

Kudos to Bridget Dunlap, the Queen of Rainey!

Lustre Pearl

Bar 96

Clive Bar


The Blackheart


G’Raj Mahal

El Naranjo



  1. Call me when you come to Atlanta next! This bar speaks to me! She may someday have a sister on Bolton Rd!

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