A Longhorn Legend in Steaks

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Just a few years ago, Vince Young Steakhouse was a relative newcomer to the Austin fine-dining scene, located off of San Jacinto and 3rd Street. In a very short time, however, Vince and his two partners, Laura McIngvale-Brown and, head chef, Phillip Brown, have created one of the finest culinary experiences in town.

Shrugging off the typical “celebrity namesake” reputation for lesser quality and service, Laura, Phillip and staff actually far exceed the norm in those areas, providing a first-class dining environment with some of the finest cuts of meat I’ve had the pleasure of tasting, most notably the ribeye. Lest I fail to mention the bacon mac n’ cheese and brussel sprouts as brilliant sides, both of which are out of this world!

Throw in a five-star wine list – many from Vince’s own collection, a private space called the “10 Room,” after Vince’s jersey number at UT and a gorgeous copper Texas Longhorn covered in pennies out front and you’ve got one of my top choices for a big night out in Austin!

Vince Young Steakhouse
301 San Jacinto Boulevard
Austin, TX 78701

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