Good Morning, Sunshine

When it comes to Texans, we’re all about tradition and doing things “our way.”

Prior to moving back to the Lone Star State in 2008, I had honestly forgotten how much we LOVE to start our day off with, not only coffee and a hot shower, with BREAKFAST TACOS!

Like showing up to work without pants on, it’s now engrained in me that you’re really not fully prepared to dive into your daily routine on the job until you’ve had a tortilla, of some kind, filled with morning goodness, the options aplenty.

Hard to turn a corner here in Austin without an option for these tasty AM favorites, but I can honestly say at the very top of my list are those from Tacodeli (multiple locations), Papalote Taco House on South Lamar, Maria’s Taco X-Press, also on South Lamar, and the many Rudy’s BBQ locations (don’t be discouraged by the “gas station” environment – they’re awesome!).

If you’re not doing so already, time to start kickin’ your day off right!


Papalote Taco House

Maria’s Taco X-Press

Rudy’s BBQ

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