Birthday Boasting: 39 Reasons I Love Austin, Texas

While seeming incredibly unrealistic to me, today, I celebrate a whopping 39 years on this amazing carnival ride we call life. Considering I still feel like a kid at heart, continue to live life to the fullest (as best I can) and, honestly, have no immediate plans of “growing up” anytime soon,  I felt it […]

The Gospel According To Maria: Sunday Hippie Church

There’s no secret that I have a hankerin’ for the different, the bizarre, the off-the-beaten-path and certainly the humorous and entertaining. Well, that said, I stumbled upon another experience this past weekend in South Austin that pretty much wraps’em all up in one big ass celebration of life – Sunday Hippie Church at Maria’s Taco […]

Good Morning, Sunshine

When it comes to Texans, we’re all about tradition and doing things “our way.” Prior to moving back to the Lone Star State in 2008, I had honestly forgotten how much we LOVE to start our day off with, not only coffee and a hot shower, with BREAKFAST TACOS! Like showing up to work without […]