Birthday Boasting: 39 Reasons I Love Austin, Texas

While seeming incredibly unrealistic to me, today, I celebrate a whopping 39 years on this amazing carnival ride we call life. Considering I still feel like a kid at heart, continue to live life to the fullest (as best I can) and, honestly, have no immediate plans of “growing up” anytime soon,  I felt it […]

20 Excellent Experiences For Every True Austinite (and our visitors!)

Very often, nowadays, I get asked the question, “What are some cool things to do in Austin?,” or “What MUST I do when I visit Austin?” Not a simple question to answer, considering the wealth of amazing opportunities, cool experiences and off-the-beaten path fun to be had here in the Capital City. I sat down […]

The Skies Of Texas Are Upon You!

When it comes to the favorite aspects of “My Austin,” I can’t overlook my love and appreciation for the amazing sunsets and picturesque skies we are gifted with on a frequent basis all over this town, whether that be out at “The Sunset Capital of Texas,” The Oasis on Lake Travis, looking west from Lake […]