Birthday Boasting: 39 Reasons I Love Austin, Texas

While seeming incredibly unrealistic to me, today, I celebrate a whopping 39 years on this amazing carnival ride we call life. Considering I still feel like a kid at heart, continue to live life to the fullest (as best I can) and, honestly, have no immediate plans of “growing up” anytime soon,  I felt it […]

The “Taj Mahal” of Texas Barbecue

In my ongoing quest to experience the very finest in Texas BBQ, I set out on another great road trip last Friday bound for the small town of Taylor, Texas, a mere 30 miles from Austin, but seemingly half a world away, a step back in time and, most importantly, home to the legendary Louie […]

The Great Debate

When it comes to barbecue, an infinite debate exists on exactly where in these great United States holds claim to “the best.” As a self-professed aficionado of seared meats, I can tell you that our little corner of the world here in Central Texas is home to some of the finest – if not THE […]