The Gospel According To Maria: Sunday Hippie Church

There’s no secret that I have a hankerin’ for the different, the bizarre, the off-the-beaten-path and certainly the humorous and entertaining. Well, that said, I stumbled upon another experience this past weekend in South Austin that pretty much wraps’em all up in one big ass celebration of life – Sunday Hippie Church at Maria’s Taco X-Press on South Lamar, one of my favorite joints in all of ATX.

Countless local compadres of mine had been imploring me to get to Maria’s on a Sunday for the longest and what I witnessed was nothing short of brilliant. Despite sounding cliché, Sunday Hippie Church is really a “Keep Austin Weird” take on Gospel Brunch. Laid back atmosphere, standard at Maria’s, in a perfect outdoor patio setting, mixed with a rotating group of local musicians performing spiritual classics, “jam band” favorites and feel good dance-alongs. The whole place was havin’ a great time. All ages. All backgrounds. All walks of life. Pure Austin.

All of this goin’ on while the excellent staff at Maria’s is dishin’ out their infamous breakfast tacos and migas, pourin’ ice cold beers and margaritas and makin’ sure that every Hippie Church congregant is filled with the Gospel According to Maria. So, if you’re in the need of a lil’ churchin’, I’d throw on your dancin’ shoes, head on down to 78704 and get ready to experience yet another gem here in Austin.

Maria’s Taco X-Press
2529 South Lamar Boulevard
Austin, TX 78704

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