Ain’t Nobody Feelin’ No Pain…

As many of my closest know, I absolutely love “the road trip.” The freedom of hopping in the car, crankin’ the tunes, windows down and heading out to wide open spaces.

One of my favorite locales to visit in the great blue yonder near Austin is the “hill country hamlet” of Luckenbach, made famous by the Waylon and Willie tune of the same name.

A community originally settled by German immigrants back in the 1850s, the unique parcel of land was later purchased by Russell “Hondo” Crouch and a cast of others back in the 1970s. The entire town is comprised of a “post office,” which also serves as a general store, a couple bars and a dance hall. Pure brilliance.

If you head to Luckenbach, you are most certain to find a circle of guitar pickers strumming throughout the afternoon while knockin’ back a few ice cold Lone Star longnecks amidst the crowing roosters. If you ask me, there’s no finer place to relax your cares away than out in Luckenbach, Texas, where, as Waylon croons, “ain’t nobody feelin’ no pain…”

Luckenbach, Texas

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