Holding Court Throughout Texas

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To those of us who truly love the Lone Star State, we thrive on sharing the pockets of natural beauty throughout the many miles of Texas. One aspect along these lines that tends to get overlooked is the great quantity of incredibly cool courthouses we have among the hundreds of counties in this wonderful state. Architectural gems, to be honest. I continue to be amazed the more I travel through our many unique towns.

Upon returning from a recent road trip to Houston, I realized this fact and noticed a pretty solid photo collection of some of these courthouses that I’ve compiled over the last few years, since moving back to Texas from Florida, many of which I am glad to share with you here. Among my favorites are the Caldwell County Courthouse in the “BBQ Capital of Texas” in Lockhart and the Blanco County Courthouse out in the Hill Country in Johnson City. Definitely worth a stop while traveling the many miles of Texas!

Texas Courthouses

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