The Bronzed and The Beautiful

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As Texans, we are naturally proud people. Proud of our history. Proud of our past. Proud of our heroes. Proud of those who have come before us…and who also walk among us.

That said, here in Austin, we honor those greats and legends with some “Texas-sized” statues from sports greats to brilliant musicians to those who have fought for our freedom today. Dawned on me, just the other day, how awesome these memorials around town really are.

Makes my heart happy strolling our streets while catching the bronzed likenesses of music icons, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Willie Nelson, UT football’s finest, Earl Campbell, Darrell Royal, Ricky Williams and both the Alamo and Tejano Memorials, located on the State Capitol grounds.

Next time you find yourself walking past any of these excellent physical tributes, please tip your cap in appreciation for the wonderful contributions each have made to our current lives here in Austin, Texas!

The Tejano Monument

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