The Finest ‘Rest Area’ in Texas

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When venturing out to the newly thriving bars and restaurants of “hipster haven” East Austin, I seriously doubt the average Joe is privy to the historic final resting place for many legendary notables from the Lone Star State located just blocks away at the Texas State Cemetery.

Admittedly, I was one of them. Until I happen to be driving back to my Northwest Hills condo the other day and, following a meeting, decided to take alternate route. Little did I know that I was about to stumble on another nugget of Austin greatness.

The Texas State Cemetery, located one mile east of the State Capitol, in between 7th and 11th and Navasota and Comal Streets in East Austin, is not only a gorgeous tract of land, but, a visit that every “true Texan” needs to make.

Amidst the well-manicured grounds, the cemetery is the final resting place for many notable citizens of Texas including the city’s namesake, Stephen F. Austin, Edwin Waller, Austin’s first mayor, former Texas Governors, Ann Richards and John Connally and legendary state educator and legislator, Barbara Jordan. Also to be found are cenotaphs for Pulitzer Prize winning novelist, James Michener, and Dallas Cowboys head coaching legend, Tom Landry.

With free admission and regular daily hours of operation, a visit to the Texas State Cemetery is both moving and highly recommended. Whether a Texan or not, I hope that you will also take a few moments next time you’re in the area and stop by to pay your respects to some wonderful icons of our great state!

Texas State Cemetery
909 Navasota Street
Austin, TX 78702

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