The Greatest Show On Dirt

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For the past three years now, my father, Roger, and I have made a new tradition of road tripping each June from Austin north to Omaha, Nebraska, site of the Men’s College Baseball World Series.

A fascination of mine since childhood, college baseball has been one of many common bonds that Dad and I share and love to experience together, when possible. Having also been fortunate enough to attend some incredible college sporting events in years past, I can honestly now say that the CWS in Omaha is far and away the very best.

Not only does the city of Omaha and its people fully support the game of college baseball and those teams who make it this far every season, but the overall atmosphere of those who attend make the event first-class and one that every NCAA sports fan should experience.

Despite departing the famed and legendary Rosenblatt Stadium, where the CWS had been held since 1947, in 2011, the new venue and surroundings of TD Ameritrade Park are truly amazing. The city has done a phenomenal job in making the transition from the historic in Rosenblatt to the modern in “The Trade.”

This year, our trip to Omaha to catch the College World Series also included seeing my alma mater, University of Florida, compete for a third straight time, as well. Even though our fortunes didn’t get us to the National Championship, it’s just such a thrill being in Omaha during this time of year.

Aside from the Gators lack of success, I’m extremely happy for former UF Head Coach, Andy Lopez, a great guy in his own right, and his Arizona Wildcats for bringing home the title this year, as well. Well played, Wildcats!

To further showcase the importance of creating traditions, especially with one’s father, please see my video via, by clicking HERE.

TD Ameritrade Park
1200 Mike Fahey Street
Omaha, NE 68102

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