Road Trippin’ With The Pooch: Shiner Dog Goes West!

Just back to Austin after an absolutely amazing three days on the road with Shiner Dog – far, far away from these parts – way out in West Texas to Big Bend National Park, Marfa, Alpine, Fort Davis, and a lengthy, scenic, off-the-beaten path drive back, yesterday, through Del Rio, Uvalde, Concan, Hunt, Ingram, Kerrville and more. 1,555 miles driven in three days. Well worth every one. Absolutely stunning sights and beautiful country. Can’t say enough!

Busy today organizing my thoughts, let alone my photos, catchin’ up and gettin’ the head back on straight, but wanted to get in a quick blog entry to say hey to everyone and to share many hilarious travails of the birthday dog, Mr. Shiner, who turned four, while we were creating our own adventures out west this past Sunday.

Here’s but a few snapshots of the awesomeness from our trip. As you can see, Shiner sure had a blast!

Hangin’ on the streets of Alpine, TX…

Diggin’ our cabin in Fort Davis…

Checkin’ out Big Bend National Park…

Takin’ a cool dip in the Rio Grande on the Mexico border…

Seein’ the world from the back seat…

Chillin’ with new friend, Penny Dog, and the gang on the front porch in the “Ghost Town” of Terlingua…

On the road to Marfa…

Long day on the road…so much to see (and smell!)…Birthday Boy all tuckered out…

Makin’ another run for the border…keepin’ it cool at Lake Amistad in Del Rio, TX…footsteps, err pawsteps, from Mexico…

Nothin’ like the road trip, especially with man’s best friend. Have a great Tuesday, y’all!



  1. margaret says:

    How fun!!!!!! Great blog. Love me some West Texas and some Shiner!

  2. Looks like the birtday boy had a blast. Lots of fun memories for you both. Love it.

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