The Year in Music: Top 12 Songs of 2012

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Wow. The final two days of 2012. Once again, time just flyin’ on by. Hard to believe 2013 is already on our doorstep, but excited for what lies ahead and the beginning of a whole new chapter in this great life of ours.

While we’re wrapping up another excellent year over the coming days, we’re also concluding a great 12 months in the world of music. A few weeks back, I compiled and shared my list of Top 10 Albums for 2012, which I hope you found entertaining and good listening.

To further spotlight some of the more brilliant tunes released throughout the year, I also wanted to pass along my take on the Top 12 Songs of 2012, as well. Without further adieu, here’s the best of the best as voted on by yours truly. Hope you enjoy!

All my best to each of you for a tremendously successful 2013 filled with all the finest things in life, great health, happiness, much love, laughter and excellent experiences. Cheers, y’all, and Happy New Year!

TOP 12 SONGS OF 2012

1) Ryan Bingham – “Never Far Behind”

1 - Ryan Bingham - Never Far Behind

2) Bruce Springsteen – “Wrecking Ball”

2 - Bruce Springsteen - Wrecking Ball

3) Lord Huron – “Time To Run”

3 - Lord Huron - Time To Run

4) Mumford & Sons – “Below My Feet”

4 - Mumford and Sons - Below My Feet

5) Andrew Bird – “Danse Caribe”

5 - Andrew Bird - Danse Caribe

6) Of Monsters and Men – “Lakehouse”

6 - Of Monsters and Men - Lakehouse

7) fun. – “Carry On”

7 - fun. - Carry On

8) The Lumineers – “Big Parade”

8 - The Lumineers - Big Parade

9) Willie Nelson – “Roll Me Up”

9 - Willie Nelson - Roll Me Up

10) Crooks – “Bendin’ Rules and Breakin’ Hearts”

10 - Crooks - Bendin’ Rules and Breakin’ Hearts

11) Gary Clark, Jr. – “Ain’t Messin’ Round”

11 - Gary Clark, Jr - Ain't Messin' Round

12) Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – “Man On Fire”

12 - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Man On Fire


  1. Spencer Kitley says:

    Maybe I need a CD with these. Only one I know is the Willie song

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Dorothy Metting says:

    Great listening stuff here. Excellent pickings .. From so much out there. Heard some new tunes from a new CD by Sr. John last night..great sounds- Thanks again for getting me to his Concert in Austin this year.

    Dorothy Ann Metting

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Great list and even better layout. Way to go, Mr. Mayor!

  4. Great list!
    What do you think of the Alabama Shakes?

    • Alabama Shakes impressed the hell outta me during SXSW last March. Caught their Austin City Limits taping and a few other performances. I’ll be honest, not a huge fan, but certainly appreciate their music. Very talented, no question…

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