The Year in Music: Top 12 Songs of 2012

Wow. The final two days of 2012. Once again, time just flyin’ on by. Hard to believe 2013 is already on our doorstep, but excited for what lies ahead and the beginning of a whole new chapter in this great life of ours. While we’re wrapping up another excellent year over the coming days, we’re […]

The Year In Music: Top 10 Albums of 2012

Despite the widespread rumors and rampant media buzz, I have not actually fallen off the face of the Earth, I have merely been inundated over the last few weeks preparing for the move to my new condo in South Austin. Yep, at long last, I am finally a resident of “the 78704,” reveling in the […]

Preparing For Brilliance: Mumford & Sons Upcoming Album and New Video

Today’s entry is short, but oh so sweet. Among my absolute favorite bands on the planet, Mumford & Sons are set to release their sophomore album, “Babel,” just two weeks from today on September 25th. The followup to their smash debut, “Sigh No More,” has already received a wealth of media acclaim and, personally, my […]