The “Unofficial Mayor of Austin” Koozie Photo Contest

Austin, TX - Auditorium Shores - RAM

Alright excellent blog followers, I’ve taken the advice of many great friends and those in my immediate world and it’s finally time…today, I am launching the “Unofficial Mayor of Austin” Koozie Photo Contest. Yep, that’s right, between now, February 2nd, aka “Groundhog Day,” and April 1st, aka “April Fool’s Day,” I am challenging all of you to snag pics of the “soon-to-be-infamous” koozie in unique, fun, legendary, outrageous places around the planet, amongst your travels and even in your immediate world.

Email’em to me at or post’em to my Facebook page at Between now and end of day on April 1st, I’ll compile all of the submissions and will send out some pretty cool prizes to the best of the best – gift cards, Dulce Vida Organic Tequila swag and some pretty killer items from here in the Lone Star State.

I’ll be judging, not necessarily on the koozie caught in diverse travel locations, which is obviously outstanding, but also on creativity, “out of the box” thinking, photographic genius and just plain hilarious situations. Have at it!

Those who fail to knock me out with their submissions will receive a generous sampling of food stamps, empty beer cans, cassette tapes and used dental floss.

Luckenbach, TX - 2013 Luckenbach Blues Festival

Best of luck to everyone and, as always, THANKS A TON for your support of and the “Unofficial Mayor of Austin!”



Austin, TX - Austin City Limits at Moody Theater


  1. Dorothy Metting AOL Email says:

    Wow!! Great contest.. Now I must get to Spain just to take my koozie.. Aaaah- I’ll just go to Humble or Klute..

    Dorothy Ann Metting

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Gail Sweat says:

    That sucks cause we’re super broke right now…but we will do what we can. Don’t punish us cause we can’t travel right now…cause you know we love you!

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