Rockin’ The Sweet Life With Dulce Vida Organic Tequila

DV Barrel

As many of you may already know by now, I am extremely excited to announce that, over the last two weeks, I have been named the new Associate Marketing Manager with Dulce Vida Organic Tequila and Dulce Vida Spirits here in Austin. An incredible opportunity that I have been given and, quite honestly, a dream job that has finally arrived. Not only that, the company now has an official mascot…the one and only Shiner Dog!

Dulce Vida Shiner - January 23, 2013

Can’t say enough about the company, the growth potential for our products and the amazing quality of the world’s ONLY 100% organic, 100 proof tequilas that we produce, including our Blanco, Reposado, Anejo and special “Texas Edition.”

In the event you are unfamiliar, I urge you to check out our website at, where you can learn about our entire portfolio of tequilas, check out unique tequila recipes and, in our “Sightings” section, find locations around the U.S. where you also can “experience the sweet life” with Dulce Vida. Check us out!

Cheers, y’all!

Dulce Vida Spirits
11310 Highway 290 West
Austin, TX 78737
Facebook –
Twitter – @dulce_vida

Dulce Vida at 360 Bridge - Austin

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