Just Carryin’ On An Ol’ Family Tradition…

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For three straight years now, when Father’s Day Weekend has approached, my Dad, Roger, and I have taken to the open roads and headed north from Austin to Omaha, Nebraska, in the heartland of America, for the College World Series.

A total thrill for both of us, having watched the CWS on ESPN for decades, and a newfound tradition that just keeps getting better and better – even taking Mom, Dorothy, with us last year.

Obviously, the competition and experience of the games at the CWS are fantastic, but it’s the journey, itself, along with the unique finds we stumble upon, that make this trip so memorable every year.

First and foremost on the jaunt north is a mandatory road trip stop at The Czech Stop in the small town of West, Texas, a Czech settlement about 120 miles from Austin. The absolute best kolaches and pastries you will ever eat!

Having never really traveled up through the middle of the U.S., I can honestly say that I’ve been blown away with it’s beauty. Parts of Oklahoma, near Davis and Stillwater, that are incredibly scenic. The endless amounts of greenery, rolling hills and wheat fields throughout Kansas. The surprisingly quaint and cool town of Omaha, itself – with our new favorite locales: Upstream Brewing Company, Billy Frogg’s and Blatt Beer & Table. The bustling hamlet of Council Bluffs, Iowa, on the Nebraska border. All simply killer. Can’t get enough and am already excited for next year!

If you ever get the chance, I cannot recommend experiencing Omaha and the College World Series enough. The perfect father-son tradition!

To further showcase the importance of creating traditions, especially with one’s father, please see my video via CaptureYourFlag.com, by clicking HERE.

Czech Stop

Upstream Brewing Company

Billy Frogg’s

Blatt Beer & Table


  1. jumpingpolarbear says:

    Nothing like baseball for an american tradition :).

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