Trailer Food Diaries Cookbooks: Serving up the American Dream one plate at a time!

For those who live in and around Austin – and for the many who have visited – you are, more than likely, extremely aware of the huge importance of food trailers, food trucks and the overall “mobile cuisine” movement here in the Live Music Capital of the World.

Over the past few years, a great friend of mine, Tiffany Harelik, has established herself as the “Queen” of the trailer food craze here in ATX – and points beyond – with the creation of the “Trailer Food Diaries,” her involvement with the “Trailer Food Tuesdays” down at the Long Center for the Performing Arts and the publishing of two brilliant titles, “Trailer Food Diaries Cookbooks, Austin Edition, Volumes 1 & 2.”

With the recent release of Volume 2 of the Trailer Food Diaries Cookbooks, I am extremely excited to help Tiffany spread the word and extend her promotion of such a unique aspect to our great city’s culinary scene. Information about both cookbooks are listed below AND if you want to speak to the one and only, Tiffany Harelik, you can find her at BookPeople at 603 North Lamar TONIGHT – Wednesday, November 7th (also known as Tiffany’s birthday!) – for a book signing starting at 7pm. Don’t miss out!

Photo courtesy of Bonnie Berry

Here’s the goods on the best little cookbooks in Texas!

Enjoy, y’all!

Trailer Food Diaries Cookbook
Austin Edition, Volumes 1&2
Tiffany Harelik

Serving up the American Dream one plate at a time!

Trailer Food Diaries Cookbook – Austin, Texas Edition – Volume 1

Austin, Texas, is at the forefront of the richly iconic trailer food movement. These entrepreneurs have taken the age-old concept of street food and transformed it into gourmet art. Up-and-coming chefs offer their best menus out of unique trucks, cargo boxes and Airstream trailers. Some food trailers stand alone, while others are clustered in quaint trailer parks peppered throughout the city. Join Tiffany Harelik (rhymes with garlic) on a tour through Austin’s trailer food scene. Meet the entrepreneurial spirits behind some of the city’s favorite food trucks as they share their favorite recipes. From bacon jam to tacos and guacamole to cake balls, it will inspire any home chef to become the hero of their next dinner party and give you new favorite recipes to hand down to the next generation.

Trailer Food Diaries Cookbook – Austin, Texas Edition – Volume 2

Austin isn’t just the live music capital of the world; it’s the trailer food capital of the world too! Tiffany Harelik, Austin’s own Trailer Food Queen, offers a road map to exploring “trailer food” within the setting of her hometown’s rebel charm. Meet the chefs bringing nostalgia to the al fresco experience as they share their favorite recipes from around the globe. No matter what part of town you are in, and no matter what you are craving, these chefs have you covered with banh mi tacos, avocado sorbets, smoothies, sandwiches, supper, sweets and everything in between.

Photo courtesy of Bonnie Berry

More about Tiffany Harelik

Serving up the American dream one plate at a time, Tiffany Harelik (rhymes with garlic) is a travel and food writer with a focus on iconic street food culture. An avid cook and entertainer, Tiffany is rumored to make the best fried chicken south of the Mason-Dixon. She is also passionate about the American dream, equestrian sports and the great outdoors. Joined by her best friend and food truck entrepreneur Maurine Winkley, the girls put on their aprons to add jams and sauces to the Trailer Food Diaries collection.

Photo courtesy of Rudy Arrocha

If you would like media review copies of Trailer Food Diaries Cookbooks, any high-resolution photographs or would like to schedule an interview with Tiffany, please contact Katie Parry at (843) 577-5971, ext 113, or via

Trailer Food Diaries Cookbooks, Volumes 1 & 2, are both available at local Austin-area stores and online at

Trailer Food Diaries

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